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Ion beam therapy with integrated CT scanning for most accurate treatment
Preparation for particle beam therapy for head, neck or brain tumours

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Most of us would rather be treated close to home, but for serious or complex conditions we travel for the best treatments.
MHL has been helping patients to find the best treatments since early in 2006.
Your doctor can advise you on local specialists, but few doctors are familiar with all the latest treatments available in other countries and how to apply for them.
We welcome enquiries from doctors, for your patients or for yourself!
MHL can enlarge your scope for referrals. We put you in touch directly with top hospitals and doctors in other countries, so that you can advise your patients better.
Upload scans and medical reports and we will make these available to university hospitals and advanced specialist treatment centres, as agreed with you.
We do not give medical advice ourselves, but we help you to to obtain prompt case reviews by leading experts in Europe and America.

MHL Health unique service

We visit hospitals and specialist centres ourselves to learn about the latest treatments, what is coming and which patients will benefit most.
From our visits and from practical experience we gain information and access at the highest level, which you will not obtain through any internet search.
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Why choose proton therapy?

Proton or ion beam therapy is safer and more accurate than radiotherapy, sparing healthy organs from radiation.
Proton beam therapy is safe even for small children
360 degree rotating gantry leaves tumours nowhere to hide
Expert CyberKnife treatment reduces radiation exposure for cancer patients
International patients can be treated at university hospitals in Germany

Advanced treatments in Germany

University hospitals in Germany are amongst the best in the world.
Most international patient referrers make heavy surcharges.  MHL patients pay the same as German private patients.

Second opinion service

Get a second opinion from an international perspective.
Specialists may take a different approach to the treatment or management of particular medical problems.
Medical second opinion service
Neurosurgeon explaining treatment to a female patient


Non-surgical treatment for AVM, acoustic neuroma, trigeminal neuralgia.
Neurosurgery and specialist paediatric neurosurgery. Intra-operative MRI and  advanced navigational techniques.

Top US treatment centres

Many new treatments originate in the USA and facilities can be stunning.
Apply to university hospitals and specialist treatment centres in New York and other US cities.
MHL works with some of the best university, teaching and specialist hospitals in New York, as ranked by US News
Major injury and trauma surgery in top US and German hospitals

Latest orthopaedic treatments

Includes customised knee replacements and specialist surgery in Austria and cartilage transplant in Germany.
Orthopaedics and traumatology for new and old injuries


World class specialist rehabilitation centres for accident, injury or stroke rehabilitation.
Reconstructive and 'bionic' surgery and the latest in artificial limbs.
Specialist rehabilitation aids recovery and preserves freedom of movement

CyberKnife radiosurgery

High-precision non-surgical treatment for cancers and neurosurgery, including some inoperable brain tumours.
Pioneering CyberKnife centres include heart, lung, eye and palliative treatments.
Non-surgical treatment of a brain tumour by CyberKnife radiosurgery

Diagnosis and surgery in Austria

Apply for diagnostic tests, treatment and surgery at university hospitals and private clinics in Vienna.
University and private hospitals in Vienna, Austria
Austria has high quality healthcare and boasts many surgical firsts.

Liver dialysis

Start your treatment at the university hospital where the MARS liver dialysis system was developed.
Liver dialysis lasts a few months and also helps with stubborn pruritus.
Extracorporeal albumin dialysis (liver dialysis)

Robotic surgery

Robotic surgery in Germany
Robotic surgery in the USA
Robotic surgery allows faster, more delicate and less invasive surgery.
Apply to expert surgeons in Europe and USA for pancreatic, liver, gastric, prostate, lung surgery and more.
Intraoperative radiotherapy is given during a lumpectomy, directly to the tumour bed.
Breast cancer patients save weeks of external radiotherapy and radiation burn afterwards.
Advanced treatments for breast cancer

Breast cancer

Prostate cancer

Treatment options include surgery, ion or proton therapy, CyberKnife, brachytherapy and  endocrine or chemotherapy.
Have your prostate cancer case assessed for all these and more.
Advanced treatments for prostate cancer
Live donor lung transplant is also now available, requiring two live donors.
Deceased donor transplant in the Eurotransplant region or live donor transplant in Germany or the USA.

Transplant surgery

Live donor and deceased donor organ transplants

Treatment in Switzerland

Obtain treatment in Switzerland at major hospitals or private clinics amongst the lakes and mountains.
Find a hospital and a complete travel package that is right for you.
Private hospitals in Switzerland
Phillip Stacey, Managing Director, MHL Health (PPM Consult Ltd)

MHL Health patients say....

'Thank you so much for helping us all along, our family is forever grateful of your service.'
'MHL was invaluable to us as we struggled to research treatment options in Europe.'
Phillip Stacey, Managing Director,
MHL Health (PPM Consult Ltd)
US relative of East European patient.
Mr C., Bangkok

Highlights of our enquiry service

'You cannot make an informed decision without knowing what else may be available'

Obtain expert opinions from leading international specialists

'Should I have surgery locally or is there something better abroad?'
'Would doctors in Europe take another approach to my cancer?'
'How can I reach a top neurosurgeon in Germany?'
'I contacted a US hospital for my liver but they did not reply.'
'I need to find dialysis centres in Australia and Japan.'
'Will proton therapy be any better than radiotherapy in my case?'
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