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Austrian hospital service from Prescan

Treatment or surgery in Austria

Austria offers high quality medical services within the state healthcare sector, with advanced specialities at university hospitals across the country.
Standards in private hospitals must be higher still in order to compete and many international patients come to Vienna especially, with a cluster of specialist private hospitals around the famous AKH University Hospital, including the prestigious Wiener Privatklinik.
A number of new treatments and medical devices, now adopted worldwide have been pioneered or developed in Vienna, which continues to attract world class surgeons and specialists.

Services include:

Identifying the best and most appropriate specialist surgeons or physicians.
Handling patient enquiries and advising on procedures.
Controlling costs and coordinating treatments.
Translations/interpreter sevice.
Flight and hotel bookings, airport transfers and longer distance car services, e.g. from/to Prague, Bratislava, Budapest or Zagreb.

Specialist treatments in Vienna

Areas of excellence availabllable in Vienna include:
Neurosurgery and spinal surgery.
CT infiltration - non-surgical spine treatments guided by CT scanning.
Knee replacements using implants modelled upon the original knee.
Heart surgery.
Ear construction and hearing recovery.
Eye treatments.
Austrian hospital enquiry service

Patient referral service

MHL has partnered with Prescan, based in Vienna, Graz and Salzburg to advise and assist international patients seeking treatment in Austria.
Prescan offers an established multilingual medical advice service as well as a full concierge support to assist you through to obtaining treatment and return home.
They will guide you to appropriate hospitals and specialists, based upon medical reports and/or scan images provided by you or your doctor. Where necessary they also offer comprehensive diagnostic and scanning services as well as personal consultations.
MHL has partnered with Prescan in Vienna, Graz and Salzburg to introduce international patients to university and private hospitals in Austria.
Private hospitals in Vienna, Austria
Diagnosis, medical consultation and treatment in Austria
International patients welcomed in Vienna private hospitals

Treatment enquiries

Enquiries for treatment in Austria through Prescan are free.
AKH Allgemeines Krankenhaus Wien, University Hospital Vienna
Medical consultation and arranging treatments at first class Austrian hospitals
You can upload details of your case through our Enquiry Form and Prescan will then respond to you directly.
Alternatively you can make an outline enquiry by e-mail.
We may also suggest centres anywhere in the world where we could send your enquiry.
AKH  University Hospital Vienna is the largest university hospital in Europe.
Austrian hospital enquiry service
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