Diagnostics and Medical Consultation

There are now many tests available that can detect diseases and dysfunctions at an early stage, when they are easiest to deal with.
In the case of cancer, many cases that were previously untreatable by the time that they were detected can now be treated effectively, through a combination of early detection and better, more effective therapies.
Did you know that women are more likely to die of lung cancer than from breast cancer, colon cancer and ovarian cancer combined?
Prompt intervention, by treatment or changes to lifestyle can be the key to better health and longer life.

Enquiries for scans, diagnostic tests and medical consultation

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We can currently suggest diagnostic centres or hospital-based services in Athens, Bali, Berlin, Beirut, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Dublin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Jakarta, Jeddah, London, Mexico City, Munich, Nuremberg, New York, Sao Paulo, Switzerland (multiple locations) and Tirana.
Diagnostic scans, tests and consultations for personal health checks and to investigate medical problems.
Please e-mail with a brief description of your needs.
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Austria (Vienna, Graz or Salzburg)

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Doctor reviews brain scan image with female patient at Prescan, Vienna
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