DNA Cancer Testing and Molecular Oncology

Applications for DNA testing

DNA testing is becoming an increasingly important and powerful area of medicine. Applications are widespread, from paternity testing to susceptibilty to diseases such as diabetes, heart disorders and in neurology.

Cancer and chemotherapy

One of the largest and most important areas however is in cancer treatment ad chemotherapy, where DNA testing can help to determine which drug is most likely to be of help to a particular patient, based upon his or her unique gene pattern.

More effective cancer treatments

Clearly if the best drugs can be chosen from the start, then there is more chance of a successful outcome and the patient can be spared the side effects of drugs which turn out not to be suitable or effective.

Recommendations for therapy

Tumours usually show the following history: the primary tumour, detected mostly by imaging techniques like MRI, CT or PET-CT is mostly operable, but during its growth the tumour disseminates single tumour cells into the blood and lymph.
These are the seed for metastases later on, which are difficult to combat. The primary tumour equips these single tumour cells with specific properties. These must be analysed and are then the basis for a successful therapy against metastases.

Monitoring a therapy for effectiveness

Molecular analysis can also be used to monitor the therapy. Significant statements about the progress of the therapy are possible by combined analysis of selected parameters in the genome, proteome and metabolome of the tumour cell.
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