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Patient Feedback

We welcome patient feedback about our service and the hospitals that we work with.
University and specialist hospitals in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and USA
CyberKnife treatment room at Saphir Radiosurgery, Frankfurt, Germany
Proton therapy centres have a range of treatment rooms for different cancers
Chicago proton therapy, cancer and diagnostic centres
MHL Health introduces you to top international treatment centres.


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MHL gives doctors easy access to top international treatment centres

Paying for treatments abroad

To save time, exchange and remittance costs, MHL recommends a highly competitive exchange service.
If we need to make a charge to complete your enquiry we will tell you. Until then our service is free and without commitment.
You will know your national healthcare options better than we do, but we give you trouble-free access to top international treatment centres as well.
Sometimes patients start an enquiry but need your help to continue. We will be very pleased to work directly with you in such cases.
Most hospitals require international patients to pay before treatment.
MHL helps patients to enquire directly to world-leading hospitals and specialists
MHL FindBestTreatment
MHL for advanced medical treatments
Enquiry service for advanced medical treatments
We will then respond with our suggestions or request further information, as appropriate.
Otherwise please upload scans or medical reports through our patient enquiry form.