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CyberKnife and GammaKnife radiosurgery in central Germany
Make an enquiry for treatment and we will suggest specialist hospitals to apply to, with our reasons.
Advanced surgical navigation at university hospitals in Germany
Medical Park Berlin reception
Proton Therapy in the USA
Diagnostic and advanced cancer treatment centre in Chicago
Breast cancer treatments at one of the top three US cancer centres
CyberKnife specialist with brain tumour patient

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Wherever possible we will suggest one or more hospitals and make preliminary enquiries for you without charge.
Ion beam therapy at new high-tech centre in Austria, partnered with CERN
By contacting us in this way patients or doctors indicate their agreement with us that the avoidance of unnecessary delay for patients with serious medical conditions outweighs any such small risks.
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liver dialysis or

diagnostic and personal consultation services.
MHL FindBestTreatment
MHL for advanced medical treatments
Enquiry service for advanced medical treatments
If you are seeking medical consultations, tests or scans please email:
For treatments complete the form and attach recent scan images and medical reports.
If you wish to proceed further some private hospitals enable us to pass on your full details without making a charge.
For university hospitals and some others however we are obliged to charge a handling fee before we complete the introduction.
We will advise you of this if it applies. Until then your enquiry is free.
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MHL reviews uploaded files in order to suggest appropriate treatment centres, not to make a clinical recommendation. They will be made available hospitals that you agree they should be released to for a short period only and then deleted.
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The hospitals that we work with are in high demand and most patients are referred by medical specialists. They will not consider your enquiry without adequate information.
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If your files are too large please tell us what you have available and the hospital will direct you how to send them the information.

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