Frequently Asked Questions

Who is MHL?
What does MHL do?
What does MHL not do?
Why does MHL charge patients?
How much does MHL charge?
Are fees refundable?
What advantage dose MHL give me?
Does MHL offer custom searches?
MHL has helped international patients to find advanced medical treatments since 2006

Who is MHL?

We cannot compare all possible treatments for particular medical problems, but we do provide information which is hard to obtain elsewhere. We also strive to provide a fair and balanced view of the benefits and limitations of treatments wherever possible.
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What does MHL do?

We provide information on advanced medical treatments which are not yet widely available worldwide and on hospitals which offer them, including the key surgeons and specialists there.
We also offer an independent enquiry service for doctors and patients, through our on-line enquiry forms. These collect essential information, which we make available to your selected centre(s).
Through our experience we have a good idea which centres are most likely to respond and we may suggest treatments which you have not  considered.
Once you or your doctor is in direct communication with the hospital of your choice our role is complete, unless you want us to try another one for you.

Why does MHL charge patients?

Some medical tourism companies work only with private hospitals which pay commissions, whilst others add a large mark-up onto hospital fees and charge this to the patient.
MHL concentrates upon high level treatments, many of which are at university hospitals in Germany and the USA, which do not pay commissions.
With MHL you pay these hospitals directly, not us, so you always know that you are paying a fair price.
We incur considerable expenses in running our service, including visits to hospitals to keep up to date with latest treatments, so we have to make a charge to patients for introducing enquiries.

How much does MHL charge?

Our charges depend upon the complexity of the case, how many hospitals we envisage contacting on your behalf and the costs to us of having researched, visited and secured access to them.
Each patient and each case is different, so when we suggest possible treatment centres to contact on your behalf, we will give you our reasons and we will advise you of our fee to proceed.
Where an enquiry is just for a scan or for specific services such as liver dialysis we offer special low rates accordingly.

What advantage does MHL give me?

Advantages to enquiring through MHL include the following:
* If you search the internet yourself you will simply never find much of the information that we have on latest treatments and who is offering them
* If you do find them there are many reasons why you may not get a response. Some hospitals do not accept enquiries from patients directly, or do not take foreign patients.
* The treatment you found may not be suitable for patients with your characteristics. For instance some centres do not treat children or some cancer centres do not treat specific tumour types.
* As an established and respected introducer of patients we have secured direct access to many top specialists, independently from their hospital's general enquiry service.
* We have visited most of the hospitals in our service, often several times, so we have first hand knowledge of treatments and facilities.
* With some conditions such as cancer, time can be of the essence.  With MHL you get expert advice quickly and you can then decide whether to go for treatment or accept what you have been offered locally.
MHL is a unique service operated by PPM Consult Ltd. (PPM), to promote the latest medical  treatments and to empower patients through better information and access treatments in other countries
* Even where hospitals do take foreign patients, some individual specialists do not cooperate or the centre may simply be overloaded, which we could have told you.

What MHL does not do

We do not own or operate any medical facilities ourselves.
We can give you practical advice and suggestions on submitting enquiries but we do not recommend one treatment or hospital over another. If you need help your doctor is welcome to take over your enquiry.
We do not arrange treatments or take payments for them. Our fees are are for our information and introduction services only.
We do not pass your information to other third parties and we do not send you marketing e-mails.
No, we estimate in good faith and we charge a one-off fee which is not dependent upon success.

Does MHL offer custom searches?

Mostly we work from within our existing network of treatment centres or by recommendation from one hospital to another in a specific case. By this means we grow our network.
Occasionally we may undertake a custom search on a patient's behalf, for which we will charge a fee by agreement.
If we think it unlikely that any hospital in our service will respond favourably to your case we will tell you so. The choice is then yours as to whether to pay and proceed.

Are fees refundable?

We are not doctors so we do not give medical opinions on specific cases.
If we cannot help you at all we will tell you so and there is no charge.
If your chosen hospital declines to treat or you are not satisfied and you wish to try another, we will assist you if we can, at no further cost.
* Sometimes manufacturers claim specific treatment areas for their product, but expert treatment centres who use it do not accept this.
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