Gastroenterology Treatments

In the USA we work with one of the top university hospitals  for gastroenterology, which can treat complex gastrointestinal and digestive disorders, for adults and for children.
In Germany we work with one of the top university hospitals for 'robotic' abdominal surgery, for faster, more accurate and less invasive treatment, quicker recovery and minimal scarring.
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Advanced robotic surgery at university hospitals in Germany.
Proton Therapy for Gastrointestinal (GI) Cancers
General and Abdominal Surgery
Top university hospitals are well placed to advise on the latest diagnostic testing, treatment protocols and clinical trials and to detect the rarer conditions, which can be misdiagnosed at less experienced centres.
This may include oesophageal or colorectal treatments, hepatobiliary, pancreatic, endocrine or metabolic disorders, bariatrics (obesity), Crohn's disease and/or diabetes.
Testing for Crohn's Disease
If children suffer from gastrointestinal disorders their growth and development can suffer, so specialist paediatric doctors take care of a wide range of conditions including gastric reflux, inflammatory bowel disease, malabsortive disorders. celiac disease and paediatric obesity.
In Austria our partners offer full diagnostic testing and consultation and they can arrange treatment or surgery at university or private specialist hospitals in Vienna.
In Switzerland our partners can arrange consutlation and treatment at a wide range of centres across the country, including the largest Swiss private hospital.

Gastroenterology Enquiries

University hospital in New York (one of the top  centres in the USA for gastroenterology) and other US university/private hospitals.
Private and university hospitals in Switzerland or Austria.
MHL introduces patients to leading university hospitals in Germany and the USA for gastroenterology and GI surgery.
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