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MHL is always seeking new treatments in cardiology and heart surgery as well as outstanding heart treatment centres to which international patients can apply.
Some treatments and technologies may not already be well known, so we provide an introduction to two here, for less invasive catheterisation and for cardiac sarcoma.

NiobeĀ®  magnetically guided catheterisation

Heart centres around the world use catheterisation as part of both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
Usually this involves the insertion of catheters elsewhere and navigating them through the body and into the heart using guidewires, but Niobe uses magnetic guidance from outside the body instead of wires.
Niobe heart catherisation
Niobe Catheterisation enables the surgeon to navigate the catheter through the body and to place it in position with great precision and reduces exposure to X-rays.
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University hospitals in the USA (including one of the top US centres for cardiology) and university, municipal or private specialst hospitals in Germany, Denmark, Switzerland or Canada.

CyberKnife radiosurgery for cardiac sarcoma

CyberKnife radiosurgery offers an alternative to open surgery for many cancers. Treatments initially centred upon brain and spine tumours but have now spread to many other organs and parts of the body.
Tumours in each organ respond differently to radiation, with some being more sensitive than surrounding tissues and others less so. This means that it has been necessary to develop separate protocols for each organ and this development is still ongoing.
MHL is proud to work with pioneering CyberKnife centres in Germany, each linked with university hospitals, which have been and remain at the forefront of developing new and less invasive treatments.
CyberKnife is now quite well known worldwide for treatment of early stage tumours, both cancer and non-cancerous, but  levels of expertise vary widely between centres and some of the newest treatments are confined to just a few centres.
Amongst these is the use of CyberKnife to treat cardiac sarcomas without open surgery. High precision of tumour targeting, coupled with tumour tracking through body movements caused by breathing and beating of the heart has enabled new protocols to be developed.
This treatment is now available to international patients through MHL at a major university hospital in Germany where full diagnostic and back-up services are available.
When choosing a treatment centre, advanced medical technologies, greater experience and ability to handle complex cases and after-care must be weighed against convenience of location.

Heart Treatment Enquiries

Advanced and minimally invasive heart treatments from catheterisation to CyberKnife radiosurgery for cardiac sarcoma.
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For cardiac sarcoma treatments we work with a university hospital affiliated CyberKnife radiosurgery centre in Germany.
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Niobe magnetically-guided heart catheterisation.
See also paediatric heart treatments.
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