Liver Treatments and Surgery

See Liver dialysis and the MARS system.
Liver dialysis is used as a stand-alone treatment or as a bridge to later transplant. It can also be very effective as a treatment for stubborn pruritus.
See Liver cancer including non-surgical treatments:
CyberKnife treatments
See Transplant including live donor transplant.
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University and private hospitals in USA, Germany, Austria and Switzerland including intraoperative MRI scanning and the latest robotically-assisted surgery and surgical navigation techniques.
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Liver dialysis

Liver surgery

See General and Abdominal Surgery

Liver transplant

Liver cancer

Proton beam therapy

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Specialist treatments for liver patients, from surgery to cancer treatments to liver dialysis.
CyberKnife radiosurgery, proton beam therapy and ion beam therapy centres in Europe and the USA.
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Advanced liver treatments

Ion beam therapy
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