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Wiener Neustadt, Austria
MedAustron offers both ion beam and proton beam therapy, to treat even deep and stubborn tumours with great accuracy and avoid damaging side effects

Particle Beam Therapy Centre

Patient consultation at MedAustron Ion Beam Centre near Vienna, Austria
Preparation for particle beam therapy for head, neck or brain tumours
Ion beam therapy is more accurate and allows higher safe dosage that radiotherapy
MedAustron particle beam therapy centre, Austria
MHL works with Prof Eugen Hug to assist cancer patients worldwide
MedAustron is a new specialist cancer centre in Austria, just to the South of Vienna. It is also a collaboration with the large hadron collider project at CERN and relies upon their latest particle accelerator technology.
New proton therapy centres are starting to open across  Europe, but MedAustron offers much more than that. It also treats with ion beam therapy using carbon ions, which have much more powerful therapeutic effect.
We have worked closely with Prof Hug for several years, so we have already visited the centre by personal invitation to see for ourselves what patients will experience and to discuss treatments.

Advantages of ion beam therapy over proton therapy

The main benefit which proton therapy offers over radiotherapy is that proton beams deliver radiation much more precisely to the exact, three-dimensional shape of the tumour, with little radiation passing on beyond it.
Ion beams are targeted similarly within the tumour, but they can deliver up to three times the energy, so it is possible to deliver a much higher safe dose to the most stubborn or difficult tumours.

Notable treatment areas

Paediatric tumours, including various brain tumours, Ewing sarcoma and rhabdomyosarcoma. Note: gliomas are very difficult to treat, but some success has been had with gliomas in children, by careful coordination of the timing between particle beam therapy and surgery. Please enquire for more details.
Left sided breast cancer (with localised lymph node metastases). Radiotherapy for breast cancer can damage the heart, so particle beam therapy offers advantage here in sparing cardiac tissue from irradiation.
Brain and spine tumours of various kinds, as well as tumours of the pelvis.
Soft tissue tumours, including pancreas, liver, lung and anal tumours.
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Prof Hug has advised many patients on advanced cancer treatment options through MHL's enquiry service
MedAustrom ion beam centre offers the latest technology for cancer patients
Particle beam therapy is the collective name covering both proton and ion beam therapy. Read more about the range of particle beam treatments.
MedAustron opened in November 2016 and we have secured agreement that all patients enquiring through MHL will be advised directly by Prof Hug.

Why travel to MedAustron if my country already offers proton therapy?

Quite simply, for quality of treatment and personal reassurance. You should never choose a treatment centre simply by location and MedAustron offers several important advantages:
More powerful treatments for stubborn or recurrent tumours.
Special proton/ion gantry ensures no loss of accuracy when treating with protons rather than carbon ions.
Pencil beam scanning and CT scanning integrated into treatment couch for greater accuracy in targeting the tumour.
Patients enquiring through MHL Health will be advised directly by Prof Eugen Hug, one of the most experienced particle beam therapists in the world.
Patient couch with integrated CT scanning for most accurate treatment
MedAustron therapists can choose between proton or ion beam therapy, whichever is most appropriate for your particular circumstances.
International patients welcomed for cancer treatment at MedAustron
MedAustron ion beam centre in collaboration with CERN large hadron collider
MedAustron is one of the most powerful and avanced cancer centres in the world, so as Medical Director they have appointed Prof Eugen Hug, one of the most knowledgeable and experienced proton therapy specialists in the world.

Combining strength and experience

This exceptional treatment centre is likely to be in high demand, so early application is encouraged.

Ion beam therapy enquiries

Enquire now in English or German for our special direct review service by Prof Hug.
MHL Health also works with a choice of proton  therapy centres, CyberKnife centres and university hospitals in Europe and North America.
If you wish we may make other suggestions and you can choose which centre(s) to apply to.
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