Nephrology (Kidney Treatments)

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University hospitals in the USA and Germany, also major private hospitals in Switzerland and Austria.
Advanced treatments for kidney diseases are covered in a number of other pages on this web site.
Advanced nephrology treatments and specialist treatment centres

Kidney surgery

See General and Abdominal Surgery


See Transplant including live donor transplant.

Kidney cancer

See Cancer including non-surgical treatments:
CyberKnife radiosurgery
Proton beam therapy

Choice of kidney centre

As with any other area of treatment there are many factors to consider.

Deceased donor kidney transplants

Availability is often restricted to nationals of the country where the hospital is located or to fixed regions.

Live donor kidney transplants

Live donor kidney transplants can be offered to suitable patients regardless of nationality.
Please follow the links to find information most relevant to you.
MHL introduces patients to one of the top three centres for nephrology in the USA.
Sometimes you should weigh possession of advanced medical technologies, experience with a large number of cases, ability to handle complex cases and after-care against convenience of location.

Kidney Treatment Enquiries

Treatments for kidney diseases including cancer and leading nephrology centres in Europe and the USA.
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Renal dialysis centres

MHL introduces paitents to a range of dialysis centres across the world which welcome visiting patients.
Vist for details of dialysis centres for business and holiday travellers.
Treatment centres
This hospital scores very highly for patient volume, patient survival rate, ratio of nurses to patients, advanced technologies such as radio isotope services and image-guided radiation therapy and patient-controlled analgesia (pain control).
Ion beam therapy
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