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University hospitals in Germany and USA.
Treatments for obesity include drugs and different forms of surgery or corrective surgery
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Obesity is now widely recognised as a major health problem, not just in Western countries but around the world.
It is damaging not just in itself, but for the problems which it can lead to, including diabetes, heart disease and stroke, metabiolic disorders, gall stones and excessive joint wear.
Obesity is best tackled at source rather than seeking methods for correction.
Whatever may be said about the merits or otherwise of obesity surgery, many operations are performed and in this complex area it is inevitable that some operations fail, for a variety of reasons.
There are several different types of obesity surgery and these must be weighed up carefully for any individual patient.
MHL therefore concentrates upon a few expert centres which are capable of handling the more seriously obese patients or those where a previous operation needs correction.
In some cases one operation is performed with a view from the start that further surgery may be needed later if that is not enough.
Where treatment is required surgery should be a last resort, but for some people it can be a sensible recourse.
Also major private hospitals in Austria and Switzerland.

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