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Paediatric cancer treatments

Proton therapy is an advanced radiation treatment of an entirely different type, that is especially suitable for children.
Children are very susceptible to developing secondary cancers after radiotherapy, because as cells divide to grow they are much more sensitive to radiation.
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Specialist treatments for children

Paediatric neurosurgery or transplants at university hospitals in Germany, heart and cancer treatments at university hospitals in the USA and major hospitals or specialist treatment centres in Europe and USA.
Proton therapy exposes healthy tissues to much lower levels of radiation, making it a much gentler and safer form of treatment, with special benefits for young children and the elderly.
With brain tumours especially, radiotherapy can cause damage which restricts growth and development, so it is usually ruled out as too dangerous for children.

Paediatric Neurosurgery

Certain neurosurgical diseases (e.g. malformations of the nervous system, growth disorders of the cranial bones, etc.) occur exclusively or initially in infancy or in childhood.
Also neurosurgical diseases which affect adults can have different characteristics in childhood, e.g. growing skull fractures, brain tumours, disorders of the cerebrospinal fluid circulation.
Paediatric neurosurgery
Treatment centres
Paediatric specialists at leading university hospitals, including neurosurgery, heart and cancer treatments.
We can also introduce patients to major hospitals in Switzerland, Austria and France.
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Proton therapy centres in USA and Europe for paediatric cancer treatments and the latest ion beam therapy is now available in Europe.
Few hospitals make paediatric neurosurgery a separate speciality, but MHL introduces children to a major university hospital in Germany where this is offered.
MHL has worked with proton therapy centres since 2011 and now we are delighted to offer patients access to the latest ion beam therapy as well.
Ion beam therapy offers similar benefits but can safely deliver up to three times the therapeutic dose, without still protecting healthy tissue around the tumour.
In many areas of medicine the treatment of children necessitates a different approach to that of adults, or else children are differently or uniquely susceptible to problems.
One such area of difference is in treating childhood cancers, where radiotherapy is too dangerous. These include Ewing's sarcoma, rhabdomyosarcoma and brain tumours.
Another is neurosurgery generally, where many conditions uniquely apply to children but few hospitals have dedicated paediatric neurosurgery departments.
First proton therapy and now ion beam therapy offer great advances here, but these may still require expert combination with surgery or other treatments.
Treating children always requires special care and a good paediatric hospital looks after a child's mental welfare as well as physical ailments.
We discuss these two areas a little more below.
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