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Pancreatic cancer
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University hospitals in USA and Germany, including one of the leading centres in the world for laparoscopic (minimally invasive) surgery.

Pancreatic surgery

Surgery for the pancreas is one of the areas where great advances have been made in minimally invasive and robitically assisted surgery.
As ever though, it is not just a question of buying expensive medical hardware and the system is only as good as the surgeon who is using it. An experienced surgeon will be much more proficient and get the best results for the patient.

Pancreatic transplant

Most countries have a chronic shortage of transplant donors and until we can 3D print organs to order this situation is likely to remain.
Many countries restrict transplant surgery to their own nationals, but some countries in Europe, including Germany have grouped together to form the Eurotransplant region, which gives greater opportunity to nationals of those countries.
In the USA there is some chance of foreign nationals obtaining transplants, but availability is still restricted and again these hospitals cannot pay commissions so rarely feature in international referral services.
In Germany only university hospitals are allowed to perform transplant operations and these hospitals are forbidden to pay commissions to introducers of patients from abroad.
For this reason they rarely appear in medical tourism offerings or the introducer pays the hospital and charges the patient, often with a large mark-up.
By contrast, MHL's unique assists international patients to apply to university hospitals in Germany and America with a single flat enquiry fee.

Pancreatic cancer

For pancreatic cancer surgery is usually the preferred option, but sometimes this is not possible or a combination of therapies is required.
For suitable cases 'non-invasive' options such as CyberKnife radiosurgery, proton therapy and ion beam therapy are also now available and chemotherapy drugs can often now be chosen to better match the patient and the tumour through DNA analysis.

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