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Medical Second Opinion Services

Value of a second opinion

Before committing to major surgery or expensive procedures many patients prefer to obtain the opinion of a second medical specialist.

An international perspective

Within any one country doctors may be trained in particular ways and treatment recommendations may be shaped by facilities available in that country.
When you consult a specialist in another country a whole new approach may be applied. You may find more attractive treatrment options or a better approach to disease management.
If the second opinion confirms the view of the original doctor, this may give you the confidence to proceed as planned. Alternatively you may prefer to have the same procedure performed by the second consultant.
If the second opinion differs from your original diagnosis or treatment recommendation you can discuss this with your local doctor.

Obtain a second opinion

Complete our Treatment Enquiry form, upload any medical reports and scans and select the Paid Second Opinion Service option.
Medical opinion and recommendations can vary, based upon local practice, experience and availability of treatments.

Do I have to travel?

No, Second opinion services work initally by written reports and scan images, which you upload for review.
In more complex cases it may be necessary to attend for examination in person, but this can only be decided after the original case review.
MHL introduces patients to advice services but we are not party to and shall not be responsible for any medical advice so obtained.
Medical consultation
We will pass your details to a professional second opinion service in Europe, who will then contact you directly with their details and costs.
If  you decide to travel abroad for treatment, MHL is ready to assist you in this.
If further examinations are required you will be advised of this and in most cases you can obtain these locally and submit the additional information.
See also Diagnostic Services

How does this differ from MHL's own service?

Second opinions are provided by doctors, specialists in their respective areas. They are given from their own national perspective, plus any international knowledge that they may have.
We will pass on your enquiry free of charge. Their service will advise the cost of providing you with a qualified medical opinion and if you proceed we may receive a commission.
MHL works from an international perspective, with knowledge of many of the latest treatments which doctors are often not aware of until they arrive locally.
We are not doctors so we cannot give medical advice ourselves, but through us you get prompt written opinions from top international experts in their fields.
Our suggestions are based upon our own research, personal visits to hospitals to discuss their best and latest treatments and more than ten years experience in handling patient enquiries.
We will review your information and suggest one or more specialist centres for you to enquire to where we can, with our reasons. We will also notify you of our charges, if you wish to proceed.
Note: a few hospitals pay us commissions but most do not, especially university hospitals, so we can only maintain our service through patient fees.
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