Specialist Treatment Centres

Vienna International Medical Clinic, Austria for aesthetic and plastic surgery
Medical Park rehabilitation in Germany after stroke, accident or surgery
Vienna International Medical Clinic, Austria
Medical Park rehabilitation, Germany
MedAustron Ion Beam Centre, Austria
Priory Hospital Roehampton, London, for addictions, eating disorders and mental health problems
Priory addiction centres, UK
These include ion beam, proton therapy and CyberKnife centres, advanced orthopaedic, prostate, abdominal and robotic surgery, liver dialysis and more.
Specialist treatment centres in Europe and USA, available directly to patients through the MHL Enquiry Service.
University hospitals and specialist treatment centres
Proton therapy centres have a range of treatment rooms for different cancers
ProCure Proton Therapy Centers, USA
MHL works with Prof Eugen Hug to assist cancer patients worldwide
We have visited and introduced patients to a wide range of university hospitals, major private hospitals and specialist treatment centres since early in 2006.
We select certain specialities within these hospitals where the facilities, expertise and approach to treatments is unique or at least stands out from other good hospitals.
Many hospitals provide excellent treatment but are not geared to receive international patients  or else particular department heads are not cooperative, so we cannot include those.


get direct access to top international hospitals and specialists, often at the highest level and receive opinions and recommendations promptly.


receive targeted and documented enquiries to enable them to review cases easily, because of which we are given access where others are not.
By visiting in person we get to know of latest treatments, areas where they are more or less successful in practice and what is coming next.
This sort of information can only be gained face to face, not through web sites and is then augmented by experience with enquiries.
Impressive treatments and regulated prices, so that international and local patients pay the same, make German university hospitals very  attractive for patients.
For the hospitals though, foreign patients require more support, ask more questions and are less likely to actually come, so they prefer targeted enquiries from experienced patient referrers.
German university hospitals cannot pay commissions, so most referrers bill you for the hospital charges plus a premium. This can  add 30% or more to the cost.
MHL charges a single flat fee on enquiry and  you then pay the hospital yourself, at their regulated prices.

University hospitals in Germany

Selection of top hospitals

International patients welcome?

The MHL deal

Treatment in the USA

Many treatments originate in the USA and top hospitals offer very high standards of technical expertise and care.
Prices are high compared to Europe but for  some patients treatment in the USA can be the best or the only option.
Not all treatments are available though and some take longer there, due to litigation concerns. No one country has a monopoly of the best.

Featured hospitals

Specialist treatment centres

The following is just a small sample of the hospitals and that we work with in Europe and the USA, but there are many others including the university hospitals.
Enquire today to find out what we can suggest for you.
Austrian Hospital Enquiry Service
CyberKnife Centres - MHL multicentre enquiry service
Germany - University Hospitals
MedAustron Ion Beam Centre, near Vienna, Austria
Medical Park, Germany (Bavaria and Berlin)
New York Hospital Enquiry Service
Prescan, Austria (Vienna, Graz and Salzburg)
Priory Group, United Kingdom
Proton Therapy Centres - MHL multicentre enquiry service
Swiss Hospital Enquiry Service
US Hospitals Enquiry Service
Vienna International Medical Clinic, Austria
In Austria and Switzerland we work with some hospitals directly and others through local partners.

Financial advantage

University hospitals and specialist treatment centres
MHL FindBestTreatment
MHL for advanced medical treatments
Enquiry service for advanced medical treatments