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MHL Swiss Hospitals Enquiry Service

Medical treatment in Switzerland

Switzerland is well known for its high standards in healthcare. Patients have also long sought the clean air, calm and beautiful Swiss scenery as a place to aid recovery from sickness and operations.
MHL has therefore partnered with Premium Swiss Travel, who represent the biggest medical network in Switzerland to create our Swiss Hospitals Enquiry Service.
Physiotherapy at Clinique Valmont, Glion sur Montreux, Switzerland Clinique des Eaux_vives, Geneva, radiotherapy Clinique Genolier, Switzerland Clinica Ars Medica, paediatric treatments Privatklinik Bethanien, Zurich Medical residence Hauts de Genolier, Switzerland Clinique de Montchoisi, Lausanne, accommodation View from Clinica SantAnna, Lugano, Switzerland Clinique Valmont, Switzerland, lake and mountains Clinica_SantAnna exterior, Lugano, Switzerland Clinique de Montchoisi, Lausanne, restaurant Clinique de Montchoisi, Lausanne, scan Clinique des Eaux-Vives, Geneva, patient monitoring Hauts de Genolier, entrance Bethanien Hospital, Zurich, main entrance

Major hospitals and private clinics

The Swiss Hospitals Enquiry Service includes hospitals and clinics in Geneva, Montreux, Interlaken, Lucerne and Zurich as well as in more relaxing locations, amongst the mountains and lakes.
Premium Swiss Medical also offers holiday packages, from lakeside hotels to skiing trips to luxury city accommodation and help with transport and visas.

Referral service for international patients

You can request a preferred hospital or location if you wish, but there is no need to do this.
You will be asked to upload scans and reports and Premium Swiss Medical will review your case. They will then advise what further information they need and suggest a suitable treatment centre for you.
If you wish to proceed they will help you through the application process.
Clinic Beauieu, Geneva, Switzerland
Alternatively if you do not have a clear dagnosis and your enquiry is for scans, consultation and any further investigations, they will be pleased to assist you with this and then help with suggesions for treatment.

Visas and travel arrangements

Premium Swiss Medical will provide assistance with visas, transport, accommodation, medical agenda arrangements and interpretation services as required.
Scans and check-ups at Clinic Les Grangettes, Geneva, Switzerland

Hospitals include:

Swiss Hospitals Service


Hirslanden Klinik Aarau


Klinik Birshof


Klinik Beau-Site


Klinik Permanence


Klinik Salem-Spital

Cham Zug



Clinique de Générale


Clinic Beaulieu


Clinic des Grangettes


Centre médical des Eaux-Vives


Clinique de Genolier


Les Hauts de Genolier (Residence)

Glion sur Montreux

Clinique Valmont


Klinik am Rosenberg


Clinique de Montchoisi


Clinique Bois-Cerf


Clinique Cecil


Klinik St. Anna

Lugano - Gravesano

Clinica Ars Medica

Lugano - Sorengo

Clinica SantAnna


Hôpital de la Providence

St. Gallen

Klinik Stephanshorn


Klinik Belair


Clinique de Valère


Privatklinik Obach


Privatklinik Lindberg


Klinik Hirslanden


Klinik im Park


Privatklinik Bethanien
Swiss Hospitals Service

Treatment enquiries

Enquire now without commitment and upload scans or reports with your enquiry.
Otherwise we will review your enquiry and we may suggest specialist hospitals in Switzerland and/or in other countries.
Obtain treatment at major private hospitals and clinics across Switzerland, including concierge services for international patients.
Premiun Swiss Medical, based in Geneva, Switzerland
In association with Premium Swiss Medical Services
If you specifically request treatment in Switzerland, in most cases we will ask Premium Swiss Medical to assist you and they will reply to you directly.
Clinique Genolier, Switzerland
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