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Top US Hospitals

We pass enquiries to some of the best hospitals in the USA, as featured by US News and World Report.
Where we work by published rankings, hospitals are or have recently been:
Ranked as one of the top 3 in their specialist field, for adult and/or paediatric care, or
Ranked as one of the best 10 general hospitals in the USA.
Since New York is a popular destination for international visitors, we also also offer a special focus upon some of the top 10 hospitals in New York, as listed by US News and World Report.
US News and World Report video.
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MHL US Hospitals Enquiry Service

Selection of hospitals

Hospitals are chosen by published rankings in their respective specialities, from our own research and experience or by recommendation from specialists with whom we have worked.
Please note that this is only an introduction, based upon the stated nature of the type of case, not a recommendation.

Enquiries for treatment

Enquire now without commitment and upload scans or reports with your enquiry.
We will review your enquiry and wherever possible we will suggest top US hospitals where we can send your enquiry.
Alternatively we may suggest leading  European hospitals or specialist treatment centres for you to consider.
We do not own or operate any medical facilities and MHL only reviews medical files in order to suggest possible treatment centres. We do not provide clinical advice or recommendations for treatment.
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